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Cormoran GmbH
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Welcome to Cormoran GmbH
Your partner for shelf companies

[>] Why opt for a shelf company in the first place?

We can supply you with a just-in-time GmbH, Aktiengesellschaft or KG precisely when you need one. This is safer, faster, and in many cases cheaper than establishing a company yourself.

[>] Why choose a Cormoran GmbH shelf company?

Cormoran GmbH is a service provider geared to attorneys practising in the commercial field and their clients. As experienced corporate attorneys ourselves, we speak your language. We offer a transparent product and price structure.
A co-operative, customer-focussed approach goes without saying.

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After listening to the feedback we received from many attorneys, we have developed a new product to save you time and resources. Our commercial register service provides you with a copy of a complete file from any registration court throughout Germany. This is usually possible within 48 hours.

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There are many reasons why shareholders may decide not to continue the operations of a company and to wind it up. Unfortunately, the matter does not end with the resolution to liquidate. The company continues to drain mental energy and financial resources long after this although you or your clients should be focussing on creating a future instead of winding up the past.
Let us liquidate the company for you.